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Get your phones ringing by partnering with the digital marketing experts in the Philippines that know your industry!

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The key to attaining that unexpected level of growth is to work with the best seo Philippines company available. That’s what you get when you work with us at SEO Requiz. The number one digital marketing company and web design that serves local businesses throughout the Philippines. Benefit from working with real specialists that will guide you to real success. Our team will give more than a few local business marketing ideas that tried and tested.

Choosing to work with a top web design company, SEO consultant, and expert marketers will take you to the forefront of your industry in the Philippines. That’s because we actually know your industry and we have the necessary knowledge and experience to help struggling companies and even established ones.

Our company offers the right solutions, from SEO and Web Development to PPC, retargeting social media, and more. We ensure a significant increase in leads and sales that will place you among the industry leaders.

Repeat & Referral

Your loyal customers are likely to want to refer you to friends and family. Rewarding them for their efforts is a win-win for your business.


Benefit from our Google expertise through Google Ads, organic SEO, and Google Maps optimization.


Dominate social media with high-quality blog content, social images, social ads, and flawlessly optimized videos.

Lead Nurturing

We’ll provide you with lead nurture campaigns, database reactivation campaigns, and more to ensure leads are properly nurtured.


Google and Bing Ads put you at the top of the search results page so customers can find you faster.


Retargeting puts your business in your customers’ path at the right moment on places like Facebook.

Email Marketing

Sending a monthly email to your customer base allows you to provide value in the form of a deal or just a thoughtful reminder that you’re there for them.


Search engine optimization helps potential customers find you through organic searches on places like Google and Bing.

Find out why our customers absolutely love us!


Client Retention Rate

See why our clients continue choosing to work with us after 12 months.

The Top Reasons to Work With SEO Requiz

Why do you need to work with us at SEO Requiz Philippines? The following are some of the main reasons why you should:

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Enjoy the exclusivity of choosing to work with us. We assure you that when we become your partners, we’re not going to sign any of your competitors. You are our client and therefore our services and expertise are exclusive only to you.



We also got call tracking and reporting covered for you. Using the latest in call tracking technology, we’ll target the right keywords. And at the same time, we’ll make sure of the lowest cost per lead for you.



Our attention will be solely focused on you and how to help your company’s growth and development. We’ll serve as your ally, partner, and boost you in every aspect and in every step of the way towards success. On top of that, you’ll gain access to our SEO experts, PPC specialists, copywriters, and web developers.



We’ll be Google partners! You’ll find that advertising on Google is the simplest thing ever with help from our PPC specialists. You’re assured of getting your money’s worth and much, much, more!



Our methods are tested and proven. Each aspect of our strategy will help boost your online presence that will lead to sales and profits. It’s a comprehensive and methodical approach to ensuring your dominance of your local search area and eventually your industry.



You never have to worry about transparency when you work with us at SEO Requiz Philippines. There would be no guessing game about how your advertising and marketing money are being spent and where it’s going.



The track record that we have speaks for itself as we have managed to not just double, but even triple or quadruple the sales of our clients. When we work with a local company in the Philippines, their level of success improves by several notches.



We’re industry experts and we know how to make Philippines companies successful. That’s what we’re great at and also why we’ll never make any claim about being experts in other industries. We’re focused on you and your industry.

For Any Kind of Business

The Ultimate Marketing Checklist For Your Business

A step by step guide to creating profitable & predictable growth for your  business.

A Passion for Helping

More than just our mission, we also made it our passion to help as Local and Global companies as we can!

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Building Quality Websites

We build websites that possess exceptional quality. The websites are fast, user-friendly, and are designed to convert using the most compelling messaging and calls to action.

Search Engine Optimization

You’ll get the best possible optimization for your website. We’ll do it through quality links, optimized listings, citations, and more. This will guarantee that your website is going to show up where customers are actually searching.

Paid Search

Your business is going to grow exponentially through our pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and retargeting campaigns. These campaigns need to be done right and with us at the helm, you’re assured of that.

Track & Measure

We use a vast array of tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and CallRail. These tools are essential in tracking, measuring, and reporting results accurately.

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