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Benefits of Local SEO

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Upgrade Your Online Presence

Upgrade your online presence through our SEO process. It’s a proven system that has helped other garage door contractors succeed. Tons of potential customers found their services on Google and every other search engine. We can do that for your online presence too.

Build Authority and Trust

Do you want to build authority and be considered relevant in your industry? Then you’ll need to have quality content, strategic link building, and top-notch reviews, among others. You’ll be seen as an authority and more people will trust you.

Stand Out From the Competition

You need to stand out from your competition. It’s necessary since you all seem to offer the same services at first glance. By having a strong presence online, you can at least compete against other companies in your industry. And when the marketing is done right, you’ll start dominating the competition.

Increase Leads and Sales

Our SEO services are guaranteed to help with your leads and sales. Your website will be optimized for organic search and then conversion elements will be added to your website. Doing this will help you gain trust in Google and you’re also more likely to attract potential customers.

How Our SEO Services Can Help You

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You want to make it easy for your customers to find you when they’re searching for local services keywords. By being visible to potential customers, you’re giving your business a very good chance at competing against similar contractors.

The great thing about it is that we’ve made it our mission to help home service contractors and local companies in particular. And we have a system that works and is already proven based on the many businesses that we managed to help succeed.

Our SEO services are among the keys to ensuring that your visibility is high. It features techniques and strategies that will generate leads and sales. After all, SEO is still considered the most solid foundation of a sound digital marketing strategy.

We know that one of the main challenges for businesses is choosing the right SEO provider, one that not only offers superior techniques and strategies but also fits perfectly into what you want to achieve and how to do it.

We have an SEO team that has considerable experience and capabilities. That’s why our customers are very confident in our ability to help them. And it’s not just about being able to satisfy their own clients as they managed to dominate their competitors and establish their place at the top of their industry.

Choosing us as your SEO provider will help you realize all of your goals. That would be our best proof and guarantee that our methods work. So if you want to jumpstart your way to success, schedule a planning session today.

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Our SEO System

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A Personalized Strategy

We will devise a personalized SEO strategy for your company and it will be designed in a way that will help you shoot to the top of your industry. It will be crafted according to your specific needs. From page titles, meta descriptions, to the URLs that will be used for your website.

Quality Content Creation

Quality content is not just important, it’s absolutely essential. With the content writers that we have, you’re assured of getting quality writing. It will serve as the building blocks of your digital marketing strategy.

Building Local Links

We’ll also take care of building local links. Your website is going to have powerful backlinks and that would help with your domain authority and you’ll also get a much higher ranking in search engine results.

Maintaining Local Citations

All of your citations will be audited by our local SEO team. This is to ensure that your company name, address, and phone number are going to be consistent across the board.

Made to Convert

Your website should be made to convert. It should be built in such a way that it provides an enjoyable and seamless experience for visitors of the website. The responsiveness across all devices is also assured.

Why SEO Requiz Philippines?

We’ve Served Countless Local Companies, Generated Numerous Leads, and Helped Boost Sales

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Enjoy the exclusivity of choosing to work with us. We assure you that when we become your partners, we’re not going to sign any of your competitors. You are our client and therefore our services and expertise are exclusive only to you.



We also got call tracking and reporting covered for you. Using the latest in call tracking technology, we’ll target the right keywords. And at the same time, we’ll make sure of the lowest cost per lead for you.



Our attention will be solely focused on you and how to help your company’s growth and development. We’ll serve as your ally, partner, and boost you in every aspect and in every step of the way towards success. On top of that, you’ll gain access to our SEO experts, PPC specialists, copywriters, and web developers.



We’ll be Google partners! You’ll find that advertising on Google is the simplest thing ever with help from our PPC specialists. You’re assured of getting your money’s worth and much, much, more!



Our methods are tested and proven. Each aspect of our strategy will help boost your online presence that will lead to sales and profits. It’s a comprehensive and methodical approach to ensuring your dominance of your local search area and eventually your industry.



You never have to worry about transparency when you work with us at SEO Requiz Philippines. There would be no guessing game about how your advertising and marketing money are being spent and where it’s going.



The track record that we have speaks for itself as we have managed to not just double, but even triple or quadruple the sales of our clients. When we work with a local company in the Philippines, their level of success improves by several notches.



We’re industry experts and we know how to make Philippines companies successful. That’s what we’re great at and also why we’ll never make any claim about being experts in other industries. We’re focused on you and your industry.

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