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Custom Websites for Higher Conversion and Sales

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Web Design for Successful Solutions

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In web design, the objective is for the end-users to have a complete and satisfying experience. Those end-users happen to be your customers and we’re going to help make sure that they’ll find your website easily.

To do that, our team will create your website with high-quality content, proper search engine optimization, and excellent web design right from the start. All of those should combine to result in outstanding customer experience and lead to higher conversion and sales.


We make sure that the websites that we build are going to look and perform great regardless of the type of device. A mobile-friendly website attracts more customers and could result in increased leads and sales.


One of the things that people look for in websites is for them to have exceptional speed. That’s why your website has to load quickly. It needs to possess that lightning-fast quality that site visitors and potential customers are looking for in websites. People are more likely to stay longer and contact you for your services. And by the way, Google also prefers fast websites.


You’re going to get the most advanced coding available. Our web designers and developers only use the best programming practices that utilize seamless HTML and CSS.


We’re also going to make sure that website architecture is at its best for your site. Potential customers who are looking for services would love nothing more than to have an easy time while navigating your site’s pages. Not only would it be easy for site visitors, but it will also help Google robots in finding what they’re looking for.

Web Design for a Responsive Website

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You want a responsive website. More specifically, you want a mobile responsive website. After all, a major percentage of website traffic is from mobile devices and you need a responsive website for that. It will also help you in your pursuit to rank high on Google and bing’s search results.

Whatever the device that’s being used to view your website, we make sure that the user has the best possible experience. That’s why we make responsive design a priority. Your potential customers might be able to find you using their smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. One thing’s for sure though and that’s the fact that they’re going to have a great experience doing so.

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Our Web Development Process

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Web Design That Leads to Conversions

Discuss Your Goals

We’ll start by talking about your goals and what you need to do to realize all of them. You’ll have to form and shape your brand and identity from the start to help guide you throughout the process.

Create a Plan

Our team will work with you to create a plan for your website. This is also the part where we’ll get what we require from you to build the website, such as logos, images, and important information about your branding.

Mockups and Wireframes

Our team will then proceed to create a draft of your website. This provides you with an opportunity to see what your site will actually look like. We’ll keep your goals as well as your branding in mind while doing this part of the process.

Quality Control

You\ll need to approve the mockup before we proceed any further. Once you do, our developers are going to code your website. And before we launch your site, it will undergo a strict quality control process to make sure every little detail is correct.

Why Hire Door & Gate Domination?

Plenty of Garage Door Companies Have Benefitted From Our Services and are Now Enjoying Unprecedented Success

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Enjoy the exclusivity of choosing to work with us. We assure you that when we become your partners, we’re not going to sign any of your competitors. You are our client and therefore our services and expertise are exclusive only to you.



We also got call tracking and reporting covered for you. Using the latest in call tracking technology, we’ll target the right keywords. And at the same time, we’ll make sure of the lowest cost per lead for you.



Our attention will be solely focused on you and how to help your company’s growth and development. We’ll serve as your ally, partner, and boost you in every aspect and in every step of the way towards success. On top of that, you’ll gain access to our SEO experts, PPC specialists, copywriters, and web developers.



We’ll be Google partners! You’ll find that advertising on Google is the simplest thing ever with help from our PPC specialists. You’re assured of getting your money’s worth and much, much, more!



Our methods are tested and proven. Each aspect of our strategy will help boost your online presence that will lead to sales and profits. It’s a comprehensive and methodical approach to ensuring your dominance of your local search area and eventually your industry.



You never have to worry about transparency when you work with us at SEO Requiz Philippines. There would be no guessing game about how your advertising and marketing money are being spent and where it’s going.



The track record that we have speaks for itself as we have managed to not just double, but even triple or quadruple the sales of our clients. When we work with a local company in the Philippines, their level of success improves by several notches.



We’re industry experts and we know how to make Philippines companies successful. That’s what we’re great at and also why we’ll never make any claim about being experts in other industries. We’re focused on you and your industry.

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